HAFNER Heavy Metal - Stainless Steel Valves



Selected models of the Hafner valve range are offered in high-graded 316 L (1.4404) stainless steel. The customer has the choice between a full stainless steel product and valves where body and other metal parts are made from stainless steel, but the head of the valve is made from polyamide.

Brief overview about the stainless steel range:

  • G1/4” as well as G1/2”-valves with an air flow up to 3.000 l/min
  • Direct actuated 3/2-way valves G1/8”
  • Solenoid-, Lever- and Pneumatic-valves. Selected Namur-accessories
  • 3-way and 5-way in-line valves and with Namur-interface, Namur-Flex
  • VES-version = full stainless steel with FKM seals to the outside
  • KES-version = PA-head with FKM seals to the outside
  • Low-temperature valves (- 50° C)
  • ATEX-approved valves for explosion hazardous environment


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