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HAFNER Pneumatik: Your expert for pneumatic valves for industrial automation

HAFNER valves are widely used in the field of industrial automation due to their compact and reliable design. With an extensive range of catalogue items, the customer always has the right product at hand.

Product overview – HAFNER catalogue range

Our experienced and highly motivated team of engineers will assist in providing solutions for specialized applications, often modifying standard products to keep prices competitive. The modular design of HAFNER valves helps us to manufacture bespoke items at competitive prices.

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Selection of customized solutions

  • Bespoke valve solutions, also for smaller numbers
  • Ready-made valves with private labelling
  • Special longevity due to the unique HAFNER sealing system
  • Solenoid valves with high IP protection (up to IP67)
  • Valves with high air-flow up to 6,000 Nl / min
  • I/O-link capable valve terminals for industry 4.0
  • Complete control cabinets


io link            

I/O-link valve terminals

By using the I/O-link technology, a valve terminal can communicate with other products decentralized in the field below the SPS level, e.g. sensors.


HAFNER offers adaptors ranging from the 15-pole D-Sub interface at the terminal to a 25-pole D-sub interface towards the connector.


By adding this adaptor, a Balluff I/O-link connector can be used to connect the valve terminal with the I/O-link module.


ventile stellungsrückmeldung            

Valves with position feedback sensor

The Machinery Directive DIN EN ISO 13849 is a challenge for machine manufacturers. The security level of control systems has to be assessed, redundant systems or components with feedback function have to be installed.

 ventil sensor  

HAFNER therefore now offers valves with a position feedback function. The sensor gives a signal confirming that the valve has fully switched through.


The valves are also available with SIL3 certificate.



10mm ventil           

10 mm valves

The 10 mm series has been designed for applications where a light weight in combination with high performance, such as in end-of-arm applications, is required.

The high air-flow of 230 Nl/min in combination with only 0.6 watts power consumption provides outstanding performance

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