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HAFNER Pneumatik: Your expert for pneumatic valves in the process industry

We are very proud to have one of the widest ranges of smart valve automation components for process automation. Besides 3/2-way and 5/2-way valves for standard on and off applications, customers often require special control valves and accessories. HAFNER offers a solution for any valve automation task. Just ask us!


Some technical features make HAFNER valves especially valuable in the process industry:


  • Special coil design for superior protection in wet environments up to IP 67
  • Exhaust air recirculation to protect the actuator from aggressive environmental air as a standard feature
  • Low power solenoid system, suitable for ASI-Bus systems
  • Valves with fail-safe function
  • Maximum air flow with compact design
  • Different NAMUR mounting port schemes
  • Valves with a ¼” (VDI / VDE 3845) as well as ½” NAMUR interface
  • Valves with SIL3 and Ex certification, for -50°C and entirely made of AISI316 stainless steel
  • Wide range of accessories such as NAMUR flow regulator plates, quick exhaust valves, block and vent valves and many more

Our bestsellers: 3/2-way and 5/2-way NAMUR valves in different sizes:


Series 701

• Orifice size 7 mm
• 1,250 Nl/min
• NAMUR Interface 1/4“
• Ports G 1/4“

Series 101

• Orifice size 10 mm
• 2,250 Nl/min
• NAMUR Interface 1/4“
• Ports G 3/8“

Series 121

• Orifice size 12 mm
• 3,000 Nl/min
• NAMUR Interface 1/2“
• Ports G 1/2“


namur flex                        


The NAMUR-flex is designed for a maximum of flexibility. The valve itself can be used as a 5/2-way type on double acting actuators.

By adding the flex-plate it is converted into a 3/2-way valve for single acting actuators.


Quick-exhaust blocks

The quick-exhaust block with NAMUR interface allows big spring-return actuators to close at high speed.

It offers a maximum exhaust volume of 2,500 Nl/min.

An integrated non-return valve ensures that no ambient atmosphere can be sucked into the actuator while exhausting.

bhn 420 701                                  

Short-cut valve

In the case of automated process valves which are equipped with a manual gear box, it has to be ensured that no air is trapped inside the actuator in case of manual operation.

The HAFNER short-cut valve connects both actuator chambers with each other so that the air can flow from one chamber into the other. The user doesn’t have to close the process valve against any air pressure.



NAMUR flow regulator plates

Block form flow regulator as intermediate plate to be assembled between actuator and pilot-valve.




  • Regulation for 5-way or 3-way valves
  • For double acting or spring-return actuators
  • Two kinds of manipulation, manual or with a screw-driver
  • Very precise regulation
  • Only possibility to regulate the forward and backward stroke of a spring-return actuator that is controlled by a 3-way valve separately and precisely
  • Stainless steel versions available
drn 2    
drn 3  

Also available with the 1/2“ NAMUR interface!



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