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News » HAFNER Pneudactic - Pneumatic Training Sets

HAFNER Pneudactic - Pneumatic Training Sets

HAFNER Pneudactic - Pneumatic Training Sets


The HAFNER pneudactic training sets have been developed to educate students or employees in the basics of the use of pneumatic components and systems. Elements can easily be changed and adapted to individual needs.








The following products are available and can be added to the panel:


1. Valves

2. Air Preparation Equipment (FRL-units)

3. Cylinders

4. Fittings

5. Tubes

6. PLC and BUS coupler



Hafner is offering three predefined sets:


  • including product groups 1-5
  • panel 1000 x 481 mm

SET Standard

  • including product groups 1-5
  • panel 1600 x 481 mm

SET Professional

  • including product groups 1-6
  • panel 1600 x 481 mm



The panel and fixing elements are also available separately so that the customers can define the components themselves or add additional products later.



As a special product highlight we have developed a profile cylinder with transparent body. This cylinder will be included in every predefined set.


Pneudactic transparent cylinder


Panel and Fixing Elements


The assemblage of the products to the panel is very easy and user friendly.


Pneudactic fixing element


  • Mounting plates have positioning pins on the backside which fit to the perforated panel.
  • Clamping magnets fix the mounting plates on location.
  • The hole pattern in the mounting plates allow the installation of many different Hafner products. Products to be fixed with screws.



Predefined Sets


Hafner is offering three predefined sets to its customers. All sets include basic pneumatic components such as valves, cylinders, fittings, air preparation equipment and tube. The professional set also includes a PFC100 controller from WAGO.


Pneudactic Panel



Are you interested in our Pneudactic-Sets?

Please contact us!


Your personal point of contact:

Mr. Kevin Peter

E-Mail: [email protected]


Further information can also be found in our PDF brochure.



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