Our diverse certifications ensure the highest product quality and acceptance in numerous applications and markets.


Whether for safety-relevant applications or for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, HAFNER offers the valve with the necessary certification.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality management ensures that the valves always meet the highest quality requirements.


iso 9001                

You can rely on our products


HAFNER’s primary goal is to develop and manufacture extremely durable products. A large part of the value added takes place in-house, 100 % of the valve components come from long-standing European suppliers. Through our comprehensive quality management, we always deliver products of the highest quality.


Internal quality assurance measures such as the use of state-of-the-art 3-D measurement technology, a 100 % final inspection, lean management and CIP ensure that there are no issues with external inspections, whether certification according to ISO 9001 or SIL audit.

Download ISO 9001 Certificate

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SIL III: Valves for your safety-relevant applications



Valves for safety-relevant applications are no problem for us. At HAFNER you get a wide selection of SIL III certified valves. The products are certified according to IEC 61508:2010 by the Swiss certification company exida.


• Mechanically operated valves
• Pneumatically operated valves
• Direct actuated solenoid valves
• Pilot operated solenoid valves


Valves that cannot take a safe switching position due to their function cannot be certified and are therefore included in the assessment report. These comprise:


• Bistable valves
• Quick-exhaust valves
• Logic elements


Valves made of stainless steel, for low temperature applications and for hazardous areas, are also part of the certification.

Download SIL III Certificate

Download SIL III Annex

Downlad SIL III Assessment Report


ATEX: If you work in an explosive environment



Do you need valves for Ex Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22? At Hafner you get non-electric valves and solenoid valves with numerous types of ignition protection. So you will always find the right valve for your application in explosion-hazardous environments. The types of ignition protection available are:


• Ex ec
• Ex ia
• Ex m
• Ex e mb
• Ex dm
• Ex d


You can find our Ex-certificates in the download area. 


EAC: Ventile für die Eurasische Wirtschaftsunion


Would you like to export your equipment to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia or Kyrgyzstan? With us you receive valves with a corresponding EAC certification according to TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 010/2011 and TR CU 020/2011. The content of the EAC is similar to the European CE.
The following products are part of the certification:


• Valves
• Complete control cabinets
• Maintenance units
• Functional fittings


Cylinders are not subject to certification.

Download EAC Certificate





RoHS Declaration


RoHS declaration in accordance to 2011/65/EU to download:


German version:

Download »


English version:

Download »


REACH Declaration


REACH declaration in accordance to 1907/2006/EG to download:


German version:

Download »


English version:

Download »


Declaration of Conformity


Declaration of conformity in accordance to EEC 2006/42/EC to download:

English version:

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