Pneumatic Training Course

Pneumatic Training Course of HAFNER Pneumatik

We are glad to introduce you herewith into our pneumatic training course which is including a total of 14 chapters. During the training we will introduce you to the basics of pneumatics. We present simple pneumatic systems as well as the ISO symbols used in pneumatics. In the later chapters we write about pneumatic components such as cylinders, valves, FRL units and fittings.

We hope you will enjoy the pneumatic training course!

Chapter 1:Basic concepts of PneumaticsPDFHTML
Chapter 2:The general design of a pneumatic system and its componentsPDFHTML
Chapter 3:Grouping and construction of control valvesPDFHTML
Chapter 4:Structure and function of directional valvesPDFHTML
Chapter 5:ISO Schemes of directional control valvesPDFHTML
Chapter 6:Explanation of the Hafner type numbering systemPDFHTML
Chapter 7:The pneumatic cylinder - part 1PDFHTML
Chapter 8:The pneumatic cylinder - part 2PDFHTML
Chapter 9:The basics of air preparationPDFHTML
Chapter 10:Air Preparation UnitsPDFHTML
Chapter 11:Valves and Actuators with the NAMUR-InterfacePDFHTML
Chapter 14:Solutions for challenging environment - part 1PDF 
Chapter 15:Solutions for challenging environment - part 2PDF 
Chapter 16:Explosion protectionPDF 


The entire pneumatic training course can be downloaded as a PDF-file here.



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