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HAFNER Pneumatik: Your expert for pneumatic valves for rail vehicles

HAFNER valves are well received in the railway industry because of their robust design and ability to work in low temperatures down to -50°C. No matter if for train door controls, train couplings or wagon construction – HAFNER has the right solution!


Some technical features make HAFNER valves especially valuable in railway applications:


  • Solenoid systems with a voltage tolerance of +/- 30% in railway-typical voltages Applicable for an ambient temperature as low as -50°C
  • Robust design
  • High flow with compact design
  • Maximum sealing efficiency at low pressure
  • Solenoid valves with up to IP67 protection


Train door control

Combination of a solenoid and pilot- operated valve. Used for train door controls in Switzerland.


ventil mit elektroschalter       

Manually actuated valve with electric switch

3/2-way manually actuated valve with electric switch.

Equipped with palm button with disconnect ring. Used in the Chinese railway.  


Ventil ZUgkupplung                

Valves for train coupling systems

Mechanically and electrically operated valves used in train coupling systems. Valves operate a double-acting cylinder which moves a power box during the coupling process and thereby establishes a power-supply connection between two wagons.


Solenoid valve with railway-approved solenoid system in 24V DC and 110V DC for +/- 30% voltage tolerance.

Image source: J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG    

tt ventile                 Low-temperature valves

The series “HAFNER on the Rocks” was designed for low-temperature applications down to -50°C and is therefore ideally suited for companies exporting their railway equipment all around the globe, including to cold regions such as in Russia or Canada.

pneumatik tt ventil  

Pneumatically actuated valve with all ports in the manifold plate and for temperatures down to -50°C. Used in Swiss railways.



Knorr series

The Knorr series is a range of valves and cylinders which has been used in the railway industry for decades.




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