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News » Block-valve with position feedback sensor

Block-valve with position feedback sensor

Block-valve with position feedback sensor

Hafner has developed a block-valve which can be used for locking an actuator in position.
A typical application is maintenance work in the pipeline.











Whenever maintenance personnel have to carry out repair works in the pipeline, they can lock the actuator by pushing the knob of the Hafner valve. In order to protect the valve from unintended use, it can be locked in both positions by a padlock (not part of the delivery content).

As a special feature the valve has a sensor to give a position feedback signal to the PLC control.

BHN Description

The valve type BHN 611 01 LL EA can be mounted between a NAMUR-valve and the actuator (sandwich design):


 BHN 611 01 LL EA block-valve



If the actuator is being controlled by an external installed pilot-valve, the GPN-1/4 plate can be added to the BHN 611 01 LL EA which converts the NAMUR-interface into 2 x G 1/4" ports:


 BHN 611 01 LL EA block-valve with GPN-1/4




The valve is also available as an in-line version with G 1/2" ports:


BH 1211 01 LL EA



Further information about the Balluff sensor can be found here.


If you are interested in our new block-valve, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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