Mini cylinders


CAF 10/5

Single acting cylinder | Mini-series

The single-acting mini cylinders have been studied and designed to be used in reduced spaces.
The external thread ensures an easy assembly.

Diameter | Ø6 - Ø10 - Ø16 mm
Stroke | 5 - 10 - 15 mm

Medium | Air
Working pressure | 2 ... 7 bar
Temperature range | -20°C ... +80°C
Below 0°C air has to be dried.

Body | Nickel plated brass
Cap | Nickel plated brass
Drive piston | Brass
Piston rod | Stainless steel
Guide bushing | Sintered bronze
Seals | PUR

Type number CAF 10/5
Short description Mini cylinder
Diameter Ø 10 mm
Stroke 5 mm
Connection M 5
Piston diameter Ø 5 mm
Piston diameter, male M 4
Operating pressure 1...10 bar
CAF 10/5
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