SIL 3 Certification

SIL 3 Certification

Functional safety becomes more and more important in different kinds of applications.

In order to cope with the customer requirements, many of the Hafner valves are available with a SIL 3 certificate as of now.

The valves got certified according to IEC 61508:2010 (part 1-7) from the certification company exida.






The following product groups are part of the certification:


  • Mechanically actuated valves
  • Direct operated solenoid valves
  • Pneumatically operated valves
  • Pilot operated solenoid valves


Valves without a safe position are just part of the assessment report (systematic capability), including:


  • Bistable valves
  • Quick-exhaust-valves
  • Logic elements


Products made from stainless steel, for low temperature as well as those for explosion hazardous environment have been certified too.


The certificate as well as other relevant documents can be downloaded here:


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