The Hafner G-Series with Modular Manifolds


Flexible valves with modular manifold plates


Valves of the G-range can be used in-line as well as on manifold plates. Most of the manifolds are designed as modular systems allowing the distribution-partner as well as the customer to make last-minute changes.
Available for pneumatically and solenoid actuated valves size G 1/8”, G 1/4”, G 3/8” and G 1/2”.

Selected sizes also available NPT ported as well as for low temperature.

Products can be delivered in ATEX-certified versions for explosion hazardous environment, SIL-rated or with GOST-R certification.

Specific advantages of the modular manifolds:

  • The number of positions on the manifold is totally flexible.
  • Two different pressures can be attached to one manifold by just adding a plug at any position
  • 5-way and 3-way valves can be mixed by just using different modules to the manifold
  • Plates that allow the isolation of an individual valve are available.

The valves of the G-Series are marked with a “G” at the end, e.g. MH 510 701 G.

Modular manifolds are called RB…

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