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Non-standard is a Hafner-standard

Hafner where non-standard is standard


Non-standard is a Hafner-standard

Based on an extremely experienced and motivated group of engineers Hafner prides itself to fulfill requests where many other companies tell the customer impossible to do. We realize components as well as systems. The modular design of the Hafner valves helps to manufacture non-standard items in an economical manner.


  • PTO-valves with different functions in-line and as modular manifold system
  • Bleed-valves for the bus-door-industry
  • Numerous accessories to enhance use and safety of automated ball- and butterfly-valves such as quick-exhaust and purge-valves, lockable block-and-vent or block-and-block valves, pneumatic-manual overrides for armatures with positioners
  • Entire systems for the paper industry
  • Solenoid and manual valves with electric feedback
  • Manual valves with locking function (padlock) enhancing security for maintenance personnel

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